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Why do yoga?


You’ll shine!

Yoga creates an amazing energy that gives you glowing skin, a positive presence, makes your confidence soar and is all round good for creating a kick ass life. You’ll strengthen and tone your muscles, balance your hormones and boost your immune system.

Unleash your inner super power

Ok so you won’t be able to leap tall buildings but you will get stronger and more flexible. Your posture will improve – you’ll walk taller and carry yourself differently. You’ll be more confident, less stressed.

Sleeeep tight!

Yoga is fantastic for tackling insomnia. One of the first benefits my students report is that they fall asleep more easily, sleep better and wake rested – ready to take on the new day.

It’s a natural high

Need a buzz without the caffeine? Do yoga regularly and notice the natural high and energy lift you create.

Get happy

Doing yoga makes you happier. No question. Life doesn’t necessarily get less stressful or easier. You just get better at dealing with it.

Only connect

You be more balanced and relaxed in your every life – and within yourself. Yoga will put the peace in your heart and connection with your life, yourself and those around you.

Get in the zone

You’ll feel more on top and in control. You’ll have better concentration, mental clarity and focus. You’ll be calmer, more alert and content.

Step off the hamster wheel

Your class is regular time just for you – a great escape from the busy urban world we inhabit. A break from your to do list and your challenges.

It’s fun!

My students are an amazing bunch of people of all ages and abilities. What they all have in common is a desire to improve the way they live and lead healthy lives.

You will love the way it makes you feel

All kidding aside, if everyone did yoga I do believe we’d have world peace.

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