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Ten Ways To Get Your Mojo Back

Mojo gone missing? Lost your va-va voom? I’m a naturally upbeat person but I get blindsided by an attack of the blahs every now and again and I know how hard it is to find the motivation to get back on track.

So here’s my go-to mojo lifting list.


Mojo is energy and sometimes energy gets stuck. Any kind of movement is good – even better if it’s outside and you can bank some vitamin D at the same time. Being in nature always lifts me and gets me out of my head into a better space.

Do Yoga

Obviously you’d expect me to say this but it’s true! Just get on your mat, you always feel better for a bit of yoga. Backbends are brilliant for lifting the energy and inversions are excellent for shifting perspective. Check out any of the energising classes available in the video vault.

Just Dance

I love to dance and when my mojo is flatlining I completely forget about the uplifting power that a great dance track has. Make a playlist of your favourite get outta my way where’s the dance floor tracks and get your groove going! You can check out my Kitchen Disco playlist here.

Chill Out

I’m a doer by nature and get my mojo by ticking things off my list – then adding more stuff to accomplish! But busy isn’t necessarily better and sometimes we just need to rest. By this I don’t mean zoning out in front of the TV. Instead do what I like to call ‘some constructive lying around’ with one of my restorative classes.


Laughter reduces stress, lifts energy and just makes you feel flipping good. Go see a comedy show, call a friend who makes you laugh, watch a feel good movie. I recently watched Eddie the Eagle with my family and it was such fun – a true story of triumph over adversity, the underdog proving everyone wrong and a great soundtrack to boot! Highly recommended!

Get With A High Mojo Tribe

Yes you can get your mojo from others – it’s allowed. Mojo is highly infectious so spend time with a high mojo tribe and delete the energy drains from your contact list. Harsh but necessary.

Reverse Your Bucket List

While I’m all in favour of having a vision of the future, it can be at the expense of patting yourself on the back for what you’ve achieved in the past. Be inspired and create your own list of at least 20 things you’re proud of. Celebrate your past and see how awesome you already are.

Make Something

Draw, write, knit, bake. Just create. Being creative lifts your energy. At the very least create a list of what lifts your mojo!

Be Grateful

A great and wise yoga teacher once said to me ‘Gratitude is the opposite of grumpiness. It’s impossible to feel grumpy if you’re feeling grateful.’ It’s true. Write down 10 things you’re grateful for. Your bed (that’s always at the top of my list!), running water, food in the fridge, your breath, your five senses, your family…..I guarantee you’ll feel better.

Love Yourself

When our mojo is missing we can mistreat ourselves – self medicating with sugar, alcohol, TV, social media. It’s impossible to get your groove back when you’re sedating yourself with crap. Take a technology break – turn off the TV and social media notifications. In fact move those pesky social media apps off the first screen of your phone to put them out of mind. Eat mojo boosting foods like these http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/healthy-eating/a25845/11-mood-boosting-foods/. Indulge in a modest splurge – I am disproportionately pleased by fresh flowers and scented candles, a bunch of daffodils makes me very happy! Decluttering is another go to mood booster for me – space in my cupboards and giving stuff away always makes me feel good.

Hope these steps help you get you va-va vooming and your mojo back on track!

Let me know how you get on in the comments below.

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