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Get Some Headspace

I’m writing this 16 days into our first Covid-19 lockdown. It’s true to say that we’re living in extraordinary times of much flux and uncertainty.

The day to day reality is that we’re all dealing with the same situation, but with widely differing challenges. Some of us have way to much to do, others are dealing with extreme boredom. Some are alone with too much personal space, others are feeling like they have none. We feel grateful because we have homes, food, people who love us and communities that support us. But we also feel angry, depressed, sad or cheated – and then feel guilty for feeling these emotions from our lucky position.

We are ALL experiencing moments (days or weeks) of feeling unsettled, ungrounded and all at sea. Our lives have been turned inside out and upside down by something unexpected and outside of our control. We are united in our anxiety.

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