About Me

Ever done a class in a freezing, dusty church hall and thought ‘this ain’t for me’? Or maybe you found a smart new yoga studio, but it was full of bendy young yoga bunnies in skin tight lycra? Was the yoga too challenging? Not demanding enough? Did the chanting freak you out?

You’re not alone. Having been to literally thousands of yoga classes, I’ve had my fair share of weird and wacky experiences.  Not all yoga classes are equal.

I’m Suzie and I’ll freely admit that navigation and baking are not in my skill set but I can put together a great yoga class that will sweetly stretch your body, open your heart and soothe your soul.

As a yoga enthusiast for the past 21 years I’ve honed my teaching style into what I would call Mindful Flow – a combination of alignment and conscious movement with the variety, creativity and fun of vinyasa flow.

Each class is different – from upbeat and challenging to quiet and restorative (and everywhere in between) according to the time of day, month or year. I also love to weave in little extras – readings, poems, nuggets of yogic philosophy – alongside some great music for a multi-layered experience. 

So if you’re dreaming of being less stressed and more balanced, or longing to create space for yourself and have some precious self nurturing me-time, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned yogi, I can help you get where you want to go. The more you delve into yoga, the more you enjoy the journey it takes you on.

Doing yoga makes me calmer and happier – no question. Life isn’t necessarily less stressful or easier, it’s just that yoga has helped me get better at dealing with it. And it’s teaching me everyday how to be the best version of myself I can be.

Every time I step on my mat I learn something new – both from yoga itself and from the wonderful community of students I’m lucky enough to teach.

All my offerings are designed to energise your body, soothe your mind, open your heart and leave you feeling strong, flexible, peaceful and positive – both on and off the mat.

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The little details…

My working life began in public relations and copywriting. I’ve always been fascinated by the creative process but increasingly found that the corporate world wasn’t for me. To help me deal with the stress of a highly pressured job I began meditating (now 24 years ago!) and a few years later this led me to yoga. Ten minutes into my first class I was hooked! And after a couple of years of practising I decided to dive deeper and sign up to yoga teacher training.

My training began with Ruth White, herself a student of Iyengar, and I qualified in 2004. Since then I’ve studied (and continue to study) with yoga teachers from around the world. They’ve each influenced and enhanced my practice to shape the style of yoga I teach today – an integration of alignment, breathing techniques and conscious movement with the fun and creative sequencing of mindful flow.

And if you’re interested in my qualifications (in addition to 16 years’ teaching experience) here they are: Yoga Alliance Registered School RYT500, Foundation in Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Foundation in Yin Yoga, Anusara Immersion Course. I’m certified by the International Yoga Teachers Association and regularly teach around the UK, Europe and India.

I’m also a proud mum of four, adore dark chocolate and am a sucker for a sunset.

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