About Me

Hi, I’m Suzie.

I’m passionate about helping you clear your mind, open your heart and feel inspired. To be strong, connected and back in balance. To make space for yourself. 

I lead an online community of vibrant, like minded people – together we breathe, move, learn, laugh, grow and raise our collective energies.

A yoga enthusiast for 21 years and a teacher for 16, I’ll freely admit that navigation and baking are not in my skill set. But I can create a great yoga class that will sweetly stretch your body, open your heart and soothe your soul.

My classes combine alignment, conscious movement, variety, creativity and fun – there’s always something new to keep you inspired. Readings, poems and nuggets of yogic philosophy make for a multi-layered experience. 

Doing yoga makes me calmer and happier – no question. Life isn’t necessarily less stressful or easier, it’s just that yoga helps me stay centred and grounded. And it teaches me everyday how to live with intention.

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The details…

My working life began in PR and copywriting. I’ve always been fascinated by the creative process but increasingly found that the corporate world wasn’t for me. To deal with the stress of a highly pressurised job I began meditating (now 24 years ago!) and a few years later this led me to yoga. Ten minutes into my first class I was hooked! After a couple of years of practising I wanted to dive deeper and signed up for yoga teacher training.

I’ve studied (and continue to study) many different styles of yoga – Iyengar, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Anusara and Yoga Nidra. The yoga I teach today is an integration of mindful alignment, breathing techniques, conscious movement and creative sequencing.

My qualifications are: Yoga Alliance Registered School RYT500, Foundation in Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Foundation in Yin Yoga, Anusara Immersion Course. I’m certified by the International Yoga Teachers Association and regularly teach around the UK, Europe and India.

I’m also a soul coach, lover of beauty, mum of four and a sucker for a sunset.